Brazil Low Caf-Sweetbeans-200g – Bomba barista
Brazil Low Caf-Sweetbeans-200g

Brazil Low Caf-Sweetbeans-200g

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Producer Daterra Coffee

Region Cerrado Mineiro | It is a subsection of the vast Brazilian Cerrado, a tropical savanna that covers a little over two million square kilometers (789,604 square miles), ranging from Minas Gerais in the south to Tocantins in the north, and from Minas Gerais in the east to parts of Paraguay and Bolivia in the west.

Altitude 1100 m

Varietal Laurina, Aramosa | Laurina is a naturally low-caffeine coffee from Brazil. The varietal is also known as bourbon pointu after the unique pointy shape of both the tree and its beans, and its Reunion Island origins (formerly known as Bourbon). It is an arabica bourbon mutation that contains only 0.3%–0,5% caffeine whereas regular Arabica beans typically contain around 1.4% or more.

Process pulped natural + natural

Drying 100% sun dried patios

Certifications Masterpieces Series 88+

SCA 87,75

Descriptors: chocolate | red berries | fruits