Colombia Yensi Geisha-Sweetbeans-200g – Bomba barista
Colombia Yensi Geisha-Sweetbeans-200g

Colombia Yensi Geisha-Sweetbeans-200g

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Colombia Yensi Katherine Gonzalez | anaerobic geisha

“This coffee is named after my youngest daughter: Yensi Katherine Gonzalez. With her help we select the best beans, to obtain a better quality Natural. We thank God for this blessing to our family. “  Efrain Gonzalez

  • Region: Huila, Colombia
  • Producer: Efrain Gonzales
  • Altitude: 1500 masl.
  • Preparation: anaerobic natural |The vessels in which the coffee cherries are fermented don’t contain any oxygen at all: The oxygen is removed when the coffee is added at the beginning of the process, and valves on the tanks keep them free from oxygen seeping in during the process while also allowing CO2 to be released as it builds up during fermentation.
  • Variety: Geisha | The spellings Geisha and Gesha are often used interchangeably, relating to the fact that there is no set translation from the dialects of Ethiopia to English. The coffee was first recorded in germplasm records with the spelling “Geisha,” and coffee researchers and germplasm banks have mostly maintained that spelling over many decades, leading that spelling to be promoted and used first in the coffee industry. The coffee was originally collected in Ethiopia in a region close to a mountain whose name is most commonly rendered in English as Gesha. Consequently, many in the coffee industry have preferred to rescue that spelling.
  • Crop: 2021
  • SCA: 91
  • Descriptors: vinous | stone fruits | blueberry